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@ Brazil
Learning, Innovation, Music & Filmmaking
Vegan—for health, the environment, and the animals

A little bit scientist, a little bit musician, a little bit filmmaker. Love learning and innovation since I can remember, and wanted to become an inventor as a kid.
Never accepted “that's just how it's always been” as an answer, and “It's impossible” to me just means no one has figured out how to do it yet.
Although very quiet, in "regular daily operations" — let's say —, I'm not at all shy as people tend to mistake it when they first meet me; an introvert — yes — but not shy. I'm just quiet by default ;) But I have no problem speaking in public, or leading projects, and, in fact, that's where I perform the best.
I like making music, in my spare time, and thinking of ways to systematically improve our society. Currently working as an Independent Filmmaker based in São Paulo but the plan is to eventually move into technology and work towards completely revamping the operating system we use to run our society.
I played around as a stage actor, for six years, but never pursued it professionaly.
I love sailing. I used to sail almost every day, stopped years ago, but I want to get back at sailing, at some point. Being in the middle of the sea, all by yourself(kinda), really gives you an interesting perspective(gave me, anyways), and it just feels amazing.

Long-term, my goal is to automate as much as possible—from extraction, to production, to distribution systems and beyond, and free us humans from servitude, repetitious and boring work—which really only serve to afford us the chance to function on the bare minimum in this society—, so that we can all pursue higher things in life, unleash our best potential and leverage the power of information and distributed developments. The idea is to empower every human being on this planet with the best we can provide so that they can become whatever they want and care about instead of just what their bank account can buy them. That, by itself, would solve most problems present in our current society, given that most of them can be traced back to socio-economic pressures, and many can't be solved because of the same pressures.
Massively simplifying it, you can think of it as a "public library of resources", where you can get whatever resources you need, whenever you need them.
Think about it: robots don't need to get paid. So we put them to work, non-stop—24/7—, and just heap the benefits. No more "creating jobs", or competing for resources: let's get rid of them damn jobs and stop this silly and obsolete game of "trade" by leveraging our modern technological capabilities and knowldge so that we can finally start enjoying life to the fullest, working on projects we enjoy working on instead of working on projects because we're forced to by the threats of deprivation or irrelevance.
That's where I want to get to.

Want to join me?
Sign up now for my "World Changer Pack Plus" and get a special discount for a limited... No, just kidding :P
Spread the word, talk about these solutions, perhaps inform yourself a little more on these issues if not yet informed, and maybe even get in touch and we can talk about possible strategies to get there.